20 celebrity moms who have had c sections

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February 18, 2015 0 1112


Coming from personal experience c sections are so horrible andĀ  just plan out nasty I figured I would find out others who have gone through what I went through and I was blown away at how many of my friendsĀ have had them….So I checked out celebrity moms who have had a c section and it was crazy how many of them have had one so I compiled a list of 20 celebrity moms who have had c sections….

gwen denise angelina

1.Gwen Stefani- undetermined

2.Christina Aguilera-planned

3.Britney Spears-planned

4.Elizabeth Hurley-planned

5.Victoria Beckham-planned

6.Denise Richards-planned

7.Marcia Cross-twins, planned

8.Jennifer Lopez-twins,planned

9.Camila Alves-emergency

10.Jenny McCarthy- emergency

11.Claudia Schiffer- 3rd child emergency

12.Bethenny Franklin-emergency

13.Brooke Shields-emergency

14.Kate Winslet-emergency

15.Angelina Joie- planned

16.Tiffani Thiessen-emergency



19.Molly Sims-emergency

20.Jessica Simpson-planned

So turns out there are many moms that went through a scary emergency c section like I did…but at the end of the day we all ended up with beautiful babies in our arms…celebrity or not we moms at the end of the day.