Age Defying Skin Care

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February 5, 2014 0 590


Something you may not know about me is that I am a certified Makeup Artist, I went to college in Toronto Ontario and I feel very strongly about taking care of yourself and that includes your skin.


As most of you know I decided years ago to start a life style change in my health and wellness and that was starting my journey with Isagenix, but what most of you don’t know is that Isagenix has a whole line of Age Defying Skin Care.

This product line is called Rejuvity and it has 7 products in the pak which include Purifying Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Age-Defying Eye Cream, Moisturizing Day Cream, Renewing Night Cream, Essential Youth Serum and Bamboo Exfoliating Polish.


As you follow this program I have found that-what is the point in keeping everything else healthy but not your skin? makes no sense does it?

“Rejuvity has been formulated to work with most skin types. Sensory tests were conducted on many different subjects with a wide range of ethnicities and skin types and the formula was adjusted to provide health benefits for all of our markets”.

What a Great way to treat your skin, cleanse your body from the inside, fill your body with the right vitamins and nutrition. Drink Energenix to keep hydrated and use Rejuvity…it just makes sense so if you are interested in age defying skin care or have any questions please contact me using the above link or the link found just below.

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