Breast feeding Battle

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September 2, 2014 0 644


Entering a touchy subject here but believe me I have been on both ends of the endless debate that is the breast feeding battle.


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So my daughter Quinn is 7 weeks old and she is such a great breast feeder I owe it to her to why we have come so far….and also that I had an amazing midwife that prescribed a miracle cream that got us through those early days together.  I have an amazing healthy shake every morning and have started putting in an organic coconut oil.  MMMM, you would love it.  If ever I miss my shake in the morning I am totally drained.

I have to say that I was seriously determined in my mind this time to keep at it no matter what, maybe it was because we had such a traumatic birth and felt so out of control that I needed this to work. I am lucky that my supply is fantastic, I know I’m lucky because not every mom is that way…but that is ok.



My first son Jack at 2 weeks old developed thrush and I don’t think I ever let myself live it down because it was all my fault…then I got it and WOW!!!! If you have never experienced Thrush, the worst time to have it is when you are breast feeding.  Holy crap talk about pain!!!  We just kept giving it back and forth to each other until I was raw and bleeding.  Well that was the end of our breastfeeding story, we moved onto bottles and tons of different formulas that upset his poor belly! Only to find out later that he  was lactose intolerant.  Now he is days away from being six years old – healthy as a horse with the same kind of appetite

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My second son and I got as far as 5 weeks until my poor boobs couldn’t take anymore….he was an animal and couldn’t concentrate for a minute at the task at hand, he was a mushroom basically who needed to be in a dark room with no noise for him to feed but still ripped and tore at me until I was in agony!  So at 5 weeks we switched to formula and to this day 15 months later he is still the fussiest eater that I’ve ever met…seriously!!!!  But again, very healthy.  I know with my second and third child that it was the healthy shakes I drank before, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  Do not know what I would be like without them.  Seriously!!  My OB/Gyn recommended I have them as I was so drained during pregnancy and they worked like a charm

So long story short, everyone has a breastfeeding story even if it’s just 2 weeks or 1 year we all do what’s best for our babies and that is all that matters. My stories are all so different but I have 3 very happy children with full bellies no matter how they got that way.