Keeping Kids Healthy In The Winter

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January 28, 2014 0 970


SickKidThe sickness that is going around this winter is crazy and it’s been a very good year for the cold and flu because of the cold. Like alot of you I like to seek out natural remedies for my kids because the constant of medications in our children’s life are not doing them any good.


So lets start with the fundamentals….Did you know that Hand washing can reduce the risk of respiratory infections by 16%?

Washing Hands!!! this is so important and I fight with my 5 year old to do this so we try to make it fun by making funny noises with the soap as he is a boy so that makes him laugh, try and make a game or song while your kids wash their hands because this is so very important to fend off those germs.

isakids essentials

Teaching your kids to eat healthy during the winter when you don’t have access to local fresh produce is very important too, adding dark greens to their dinner and lots of fresh veggies and fruits will help with their vitamin intake….and I know what you are saying right now as you read this, “ya my kids hate all things green and fresh” well Vitamins can be the answer. I give my son vitamins everyday on top of the fresh food he eats I give him IsaKids Essentials which “Contains an all-natural base of fruits and vegetables to provide whole food nourishment for growing minds and bodies, including antioxidants for fewer sick days. Essential minerals are included for healthy bones, teeth and eyes and B vitamins for healthy brain function. ”

It is important that active, growing children receive all the vitamins and minerals they need every day. Vitamins and minerals help release energy from food and help build muscle, bone, blood and other vital tissue. Without a regular supply of vitamins and minerals, children cannot maintain good health and normal growth.

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Another great product that I give my son which is part of my Isagenix life style is Isamune Plus-with Zinc -Isamune Plus supports your immune system using important immune-protecting ingredients: colostrum, immunoglobulins, proline-rich polypeptides, and lactoferrin. Together, these ingredients act to provide enhanced support to your immune system.

All this information can be found on my website by clicking on the links provided, I just gave you guys some reading material from the site to help with keeping kids healthy in the winter.