Little Passports review

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May 21, 2014 0 709


So my mom told me about this map of the world for kids that you can get in the mail, it comes with a mini suitcase with all these activities….it sounded cute but really didn’t think to much of it after that.

Fast forward a couple of months and I get super excited when the Little Passports package arrives with Jack’s name on it from “another country in the world” they even stamp it with the country’s stamp. I can’t wait for him to get home from school to open it so we can see what goodies we get to look at and read the story from the country that “Sam and Sophie”(the kids from little passports) have visited.

When you receive the package you get -a stamp for your “passport”

-a stamp for your “suitcase”

-2 items from the country that was visited

-a story of what the “kids” did

-a pin sticker for you world map

-a “boarding pass” that you can go on the internet with so you can play games for that country

-a sheet of activities that show where you are going next month

So far we have been to Brazil, Japan, and this month will be France. My son goes to school and is way ahead of the class when it comes to knowing things from around the world, Im so glad my mom invested in Jack and his education…and that we have something to do together. I will start posting pictures of each month and what we get and how excited he gets to open his package. But for now here is a picture I found of the whole kit to get started. If you do the world addition for a whole year it only works out to $11 a month plus shipping…that is just a few coffees plus that change you have laying around in your cup holders!


So my Little Passports review is 5 stars and I hope if you parents or teachers invest in this, that you have just as much fun as we do every month learning about the world!