Little Red’s learning to talk….oh boy

Life with Little Red

November 10, 2014 0 548

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So a lot of things have been changing lately with Carter he has learned a ton of new words over night which is fascinating because most of these words are NO, Ouch, NO, Sucky, NO, Bugger, NO oh and did I mention the word NO!! I wondered when that word would come and boom here it is in full force….and he uses it all the time!!! It’s got to be the most annoying word ever learnt by young children because even if they mean yes and can say ya…NO is so much more fun to say…said no mom ever!

He is killing it every day with all these new words he is picking up…but the strangest thing we have found is that we can ask him to repeat a word we say and he won’t do it!    In steps his 6 year old brother  Jack and he will say anything that boy says!! strange…fascinating yet great for me! I find myself waiting for Jack to get home from school to teach Carter some new words…what ever works right?

There are a few words we just can’t get him to say  properly yet but sound super adorable for him to say anyways  starting with….every mom’s favourite sentence I love you but it comes out “A Boo” and he says it to everyone very proudly but gets the strangest looks back until I tell them he is saying he loves you, then they melt into a puddle on the floor! Little Red has that effect on many people he is quite the charmer with his killer smile and lovely red hair.

I know he is my second child but he amazes me with how fast he is picking things up, he actually peed on the potty tonight at 18 mths!! wild eh?

He is even drinking from a plastic cup at dinner with us which blows my mind!

How many of your little ones are just blowing your mind so early on?