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December 3, 2014 0 1920

Mom groups


Mom groups


Can you relate?  This is the story of my life “the lonely stay at home mom” and many other women lately, I don’t know if it’s the weather change but I feel like I am going crazy with no adult conversation…as thrilling as it is “clean up” “go potty” “nap time” among other conversations had with my little red just don’t cut it!  I need adult conversations with other Moms.  Where are all the Mommy groups like my Mom used to go to when I was little??  Online groups just don’t cut it.  I need real face to face, meet for a coffee, with other Moms.  Who else feels alone?

I put the idea out this morning on my favourite mama’s group on facebook about what to do and most of the ideas where baby groups!  I don’t find this all thrilling as I end up chasing little red most of the time or breast feeding my baby…leave more exhausted then I got there and left with little to no conversation at all…which is why I went in the first place.

No my idea is a place we could go to and have a tea or coffee like chapters but with a baby sitter in the kids section just watching over the kids so we can take a break and watch them play while sitting still for 10min…I don’t think this is to hard to ask!! It sounds lovely if only it existed!  Can some brilliant person come up with a good idea.

My only link to sanity is through this blog and imagining other moms like myself sitting reading this with coffee in hand totally agreeing with me and feeling the same way!

Well back to reality little red just emptied his whole toy chest, and baby Quinn needs changing, and the living room looks like a bomb exploded and shoot what am I making for dinner tonight….