how to lose weight using Isagenix

Isagenix Isagenix weight loss

September 9, 2014 0 1845

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How to lose weight using Isagenix

Want to lose weight using Isagenix? I have used the program before and after my last two pregnancies. The nutrition I got from the shakes was amazing. I do not know how I lived without it with my first pregnancy. The program is very easy and the best one I have ever seen for new Moms or Moms like me with three children. Jack turned 6 years old today, Carter is 17 mths, and Baby Quinn is just over a month old. Packing Jack’s lunch for school in the morning, feeding hungry Carter and breast feeding Quinn can be a like a circus in the morning.   But with Isagenix all I have to do is blend a shake. I can drink it while I am breast feeding.   One thing I learned was to Never skip a meal, it is the worst thing you can do especially missing breakfast. You need the energy Moms. I have missed one before and I felt drained. On another note, my son Carter loves them..he begs me to drink the little bit I leave in my shaker cup.  You have two shakes a day, either for breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner and one meal of 400-600 calories.  We will give you lots of ideas.  I would suggest downloading Myfitness Pal as you can keep track of everything there and they have Isagenix products listed too.   First step is to call me and either order the products, or ask me questions. I will walk you through what you need to do.   We will set reasonable goals and you will have someone to be accountable to.

I used the 30 day program.  It works out to less than $10.00 a day.  You will love the taste of the shakes and how full you are.  You will love the energy and most of all you will love how easy it is to follow.  Message me so I can get the right program for you at the right price.  Contact Healthy Moms Circle for more information on the Isagenix Healthy Weight Loss Program

30 day Isagenix Fat burning program

Have you ever wondered what 1 lb of Fat looks like.  Now imagine losing 5 lbs (bag of potatoes) or a stack 10 lbs of butter and imagine that is weight that you have lost.  It really is a shock how we gain the weight over the years but there is no reason why you can’t start today.  Join our exclusive Facebook group who will help you during your journey.  If you prefer one on one help, I can arrange that too1 lb of fatWant to see photos of people who have lost weight with Isagenix?  Apart from our Private Facebook group, I can send you to our testimonial page.  We have had thousands of people who have lost 100 lbs right up to 400 lbs.  They will inspire you and prove that this program is right for you