How to make a diaper cake


February 17, 2015 0 704


This was so much fun to do as I just love doing crafts and have never attempted making one before, so I decided to make a post on how to make a diaper cake:IMG_1442

supplies: cardboard circle, papertowel roll, bag of elastics, ribbon, diapers in 3 sizes, decorations, glue gun


So you will need a cardboard circle cut out to the size of the bottom of the cake: what ever size you want it to be

then you will need a roll of papertowel…don’t use one of the double roll ones as you wont have room left over for diapers.

you will need a bag of elastics, some nice ribbon…large enough to cover the elastics

some lovely toys or stuffed animals to add to the cake after its finished

oh…I needed a glue gun to keep all my ribbon together

and #1 you will need 3 sizes of diapers, I did size 2 on the bottom, size 1 in the middle and newborn on the top

Step 1- before you go ahead and get started roll all your diapers with small elastics (try to keep all elastics in the same place on all the diapers)IMG_1437take your cardboard circle, put your papertowel roll onto the middle like the above photo, make one circle of size 2 diapers around your paper towel and then put your big elastic around your first row. Now go ahead and fill in your diapers until you can’t see your cardboard circle anymore

IMG_1438Step 2- start your second row of diapers using size 1 and do the same as step 1 by starting one circle of diapers and adding your elastic then filling it in until you have 1 row less then the bottomIMG_1439Step 3- start your last tier using your newborn diapers doing the same as step 2

IMG_1440Step 4- now this is the fun part start to add the ribbon of your choice and start to decorate….


IMG_1441I had so much fun making this for my best friend!! and I hope who ever gets your cake loves it too.