National Red Head Day

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September 5, 2014 0 1632

Happy Red Head Days

Happy National Red Head Day!!


How will you celebrate National Red Head Day?


Until you have a red head in the family you never really notice others.  But they are pretty rare.  Then to find out the date is actually celebrated world wide is awesome.  #NationalRedHeadDay Now for the story about Carter my grandson who shocked the world when he was born with a full head of bright red hair. The life with little red will give you an idea of how life is when you a red head arrives in your home.  How will YOU celebrate Red Head Day?  Who are some famous red heads?  I LOVE LUCY comes to mind, the actor on Harry Potter, the singer Ed Sheerhan  got to love the headline on that link “No longer a ‘spotty ginger teenager’: Ed Sheeran triumphs at the BRIT awards scooping Best Male Artist and British Breakthrough Act”  Check out the photo below..seriously..they could be related.

Happy Red Head Days

Happy Red Head Days

I think when Carter is old enough he will have to go to this event National Red Head days They even give out flags so you can see where everyone is from. It would be interesting to see who has the most redheads in the world. Does anyone know?

Happy Red Head Day


Do you have a Red head in your family?  Would love to hear from you.  I can not stop taking pictures of him.  He makes the most hilarious faces.  He knows a little baby sign language and is trying so hard to say “I love you”


Ed Sheeran as a baby or long distance relative

Happy Red Head Day Ed Sheeran!!!!

Ed Sheeran Happy Red Head Day

Ed Sheeran

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