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October 14, 2014 0 511

trip to aquarium 212

I am a very overwhelmed mom today and just need to vent so here it goes,

Do you guys ever have a day where you are trying your best but your kids are better? You are trying to stay ahead of the game but your kids are faster? You think you have everything planned and under control but your kids have other ideas….well all this applies to me today and I could just scream.

I have been getting super angry all day long because no matter how hard I argue with my 6 year old he won’t pay attention or listen to me…no matter the bribery I lay on the table. My 17mth old and 6 year old can’t get along to save there lives!! and to top it all off my poor baby girl has thrush all of a sudden!

See I decided to tag along with my mom to Toronto to a blissdom blogging convention because I didn’t want to be home with 3 kids!! good idea at the time….not so much now!! Who knew kids could fill up a mini van with all their “necessities”!!!

Don’t get me wrong they are great kids, but when I am doing it on my own…wow…is it ever hard work to take care of everyone! At the end of the day I am doing everything to keep them busy and it is kinda working, I even went to the local mall to buy a dog backpack with a leash attached to it so I could “burn out” my 17mth old…he is turning into quite the celebrity in the hotel this weekend!

I have some day trips planned out and hope everything goes well….wish me luck!

trip to aquarium 212