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May 6, 2014 0 584

sleep sheep

I wanted to start a product review page and share with all you parents so we can stop wasting our money on pointless things when there are cheaper and better products out there.

So let’s start at the beginning with babies,I just finished all my shopping for our newest arrival and the product that I can’t do without is the “sleep sheep” sound machine.

sleep sheepHere goes my first product review: Sleep sheep….to me this is a must for new babies all the way up to bigger kids, I still have my first sleep sheep from my 5 year old which is an “on the go” sleep sheep. The bigger sleep sheep has 4 sounds…heart beat, bubbling brook, rain and whale- the on the go sheep has 4 sound settings…rain, bubbling brook, waves and whale. It has been a recommended for babies to provide them with “white noise” it helps them relax and provide them with a tranquil environment.

I give this product 5 stars out of 55 starsI can’t go without our sleep sheep and since our 1 year old is still using his I went out and bought our soon to be new arrival her very own sleep sheep, My 1 year old won’t sleep with out it as it is so relaxing for him. The battery life is amazing and lasts forever and it is very easily washed in the washing machine and comes out in great condition considering it’s a stuffed animal.

I would love to hear from you mom’s and dad’s out there what product has worked so well for you and that you would recommend to all parents, especially if you can’t live with out it.

I have so many products to review and many that are just ridiculous and a waste of money….Stay tuned!!!