Planning a Princess party

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February 10, 2015 0 1138

ombre cake 1
ombre cake 1

I can not believe my sweet little angel will be 1 year old in a few months!! well 4 months but who is counting. I have waited all my life to be planning a princess party and I finally get to go a little crazy, I have planned many parties for my kids but this one will be epic!

My first plan of action is to book her photo shoot for a cake smash because what could be cuter then that. Next would be booking her cakes…yes I said cakes plural, one for her photo shoot and one for her party!

I’m thinking ombre cake for her photo and a super cute princess cake for her party…the possibilities are endless when it comes to how cute her cake could be.

Believe it or not my mom already bought all her decorations……well not all of them I will add to them for sure. I was told the other night that I will probably go crazy for her party because “nothing is to good for her”……..yup sounds about right haha

Yes I love my boys to the moon and I shouldn’t have to explain myself all the time but I feel I have to, she is my one and only girl and she will get special things that the boys won’t.

I have thrown some great parties for my boys and will continue but I have a feeling that Quinn’s parties will be a little over the top with dressup, frills, sparkles and fun cakes.

The best part about her birthday is that it’s in June and we have a pool and she will get to have pool parties which are so fun on top of all the other goodies that I will plan for her and her friends to do….sorry I’m getting lost in the years to come.

The biggest thing for me is how many people do you have for a first birthday? it can get out of control really fast…depending on your family size, we normally end up with around 15-20 people.

I think I have covered most of the things that I have to do to so now its time to start getting ready…even if it’s 4 months away!!