Social Media vs. Motherhood

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April 26, 2014 0 516

support mom quote
support mom quote


In this day in age of social media vs. Motherhood it is almost impossible being a mom with all the judging and opinions being bounced around….”I do better then you do”, “I exclusively breast feed “and all the rest of the opinion’s that  get bounced around that just bring us down.

I am so guilty of this connection with social media, I belong to many Facebook groups and have put my opinion out there for all to read but I do my best to not take sides…but it is super frustrating when you are made to look like your not doing a good job because of the mothering choices you make.

Our mothers before us didn’t have any of this and look how we turned out!!!

My biggest wish is that all of us mothers could just be supportive of each other and know that our kids aren’t suffering one bit by the choices we make, that each child is loved in their mom’s own special way…we all know that kids are raised differently and that is totally fine.


So the other day I was part of a conversation that went sour because I don’t believe in what pictures were being posted, other mom’s were actually attacking mom’s that were part of the conversation that didn’t agree as well, now in this situation social media is such a bad thing for motherhood!

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I find motherhood such a beautiful thing and love finding mom’s in similar situations then myself with children around the same age that we can bounce mommy hood funnies off of. That has to be the best part of social media the instant connections you get with mom’s that just get you!

So please keep in mind other mom’s feelings before you go off in a rant and that we are all just doing what we think is right for our babies, or children….Let’s all make motherhood an amazing journey and support each other.