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May 20, 2014 0 1686

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This week I chose the Tommee TippeeĀ  product review on the sporty bottle sippy cups, let’s just say I have bought my fair share of sippy cups and they where all horrible and leaked like crazy-my car can vouch for that with all the stains over the years I have had to clean out of the seats!

tommee tippy sporty bottleI was told about these awesome bottles by my best friend…let me tell you I wish I would have known about them years ago! I have found that they don’t leak….UNLESS!! your little one has a wicked throw and the cup hits a surface really hard then the little white stopper comes out and everything in the bottle leaks out. Other then that it can be sideways, upside down, touching fabric you name it and it won’t leak.

I give the Sporty Bottle 4 out of 5 stars


The first version we tried was the First Sips Cup which has a little handle just the right size for babies learning to use a cup for the first time and it was amazing, again it didn’t leak and we will be using it on our newest addition!

That is how great this brand is, it will last years!

first sips cupI give this product a solid 5 stars!

I would love to hear from you parents what cups you have used that didn’t work for you and what was your saving grace! because when it comes to saving parents money and time I’m all for it!

Also I haven’t used any of there other products and would love to hear what else works as well as these jems.