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April 22, 2014 0 559


Top Disney baby videos

I could watch disney videos all day as I grew up with them. Which one was your favorite Disney baby character? I can probably sing every one of the songs in any disney video.  I even have old VHS tapes up at my cottage and we watch them on an old TV.  We do not have electricity up there, but we charge solar panels during the day which charges our solar generator and it keeps the kids amused.  We have a no movie rule during the day.  Top Disney baby videos include for me:   Lion King and…


My top 10 Disney baby videos are as follows:

1. Bolt as a puppy

2. Lady and the tramp

3. Lion King..Simba

4. Tangled…Rapunzal

5. Frozen..Anna

6. Bambi

7. Dumbo

8. Hercules

9. Jungle book

10. Fox and the hound


I know that most of you parents have seen at least half or more on this list, amazing classics to pass down to our kids as well as some new ones that our kids beg and plead for.

Now that I am a Mother it sure is great to cuddle up on the couch and watch some of my Disney favourites.  Do you prefer Pixar Movies?

Take some time to relax with your little ones and watch a good disney movie!! Who knows you just may feel like a kid again for the night!!!