Traveling with an infant on a plane

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December 18, 2013 0 752

traveling with infants on a plane
traveling with infants on a plane


Traveling with an infant on a plane is hard work, I recently traveled to England with my 8 month old and let me tell you parents that it was hard to do.

Let me start by saying traveling with a carseat and stroller was brutal and we were given no choice because to rent one on the other end was $160.00 with the conversion rate.

It seemed every time we got to the gate my little guy was fast asleep and I would have to wake him to get him on the plane which caused him to be one unhappy baby.

I thought I had it all planned out and that it would go off like a well oiled machine, my 5 year old was great to travel with as he had his own seat and all the movies he could choose from….he was in his glory. But not the little guy who was on my lap wanting to crawl around and play with everything and when he didn’t get his way…watch out!!!!

The saving grace was the little seat they had for him to sit in and sleep which he did….on and off, and thank heavens for no turbulence.

On our way back I decided to put my little guy in a carrier and that worked pretty well and I had my diaper bag arranged a little better, but this flight was a day flight and he was raring to go almost the whole 7 hours except for naps.

So if you are traveling on a long flight make sure you have someone with you, I had my mom which I am sooo thankful for. But honestly I will not be doing this again until all my kiddies can sit in their own seats which will be years from now as I am expecting again. I gently told my family that if they didn’t come over to visit us in Canada that I wouldn’t be seeing them for a while and gave them all a warm hug goodbye.

That being said to each his own but I wont be doing it again.

I found that traveling with a 2 month old was great because they don’t move around much but after 4 months is too old I found. I traveled with my first son when he was almost 3 and that was a great age as he could watch movies, colour, draw and basically be self sufficient.

I would love to hear your feed back on your thoughts on traveling with your little ones, because knowing how other parents coped is what its all about!!!